I have been mixing and mastering for over two decades now and i treat the process like this.. I will professionally mix or master your project, and I will do it with the same passion, care and attention that you have regarding your music. I will add value and seek out any opportunity to push your music in every way to be the best possible version of itself it can be.


Feel free to get in touch anytime to discuss where you’re at and how I can contribute


Mixing is the process of taking multiple sources and treating them individually with various signal processing such as dynamics, eq, reverb or delay. Then they are combined into one stereo channel or file ready for mastering. Projects come to me in various states of completion ranging from totally dry and unprocessed, to quite close to a final mix.


Mastering is a post production process where the final mix is treated with any combination of eq, compression, stereo imaging, colour and limiting. This is your last opportunity to make sure your mix sounds great everywhere and really bring it to life. It requires critical listening and often, mastering engineers have many years of experience.


Stem Mastering is when certain parts of the mix are grouped together separately rather than just a stereo final mix. This may be in the format of ‘kick’, ’snare’, ‘all other drums’, ‘all synths’, ‘all vox’ etc. This gives me some extra flexibility and opportunities during mastering.


I have been playing guitar and bass guitar for over 30 years. I have played many styles on both including rock, RnB, blues, pop, metal, reggae, ska, Ghana hi-life, folk and punk.


Also over the years I have connected with many other musicians who will add a great performance and real value to your recording.  These include drummers, vocalists, string quartets, keys and turtablists.


Examples are available on request. Every project is unique so feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements!


Here are a few of my clients in no particular order


Full Mix and Master - See Above

Stereo Master £50

Stem Master £80

Session Guitar £200

Mixing Hourly Rate £100


1) All masters must be paid for before work commences. Turnaround is 48 hours.

2)  Each mix/master comes with two revisions free of charge. Any revisions thereafter will be £25. If changes need to be made that are not in accordance with the original brief, for example additional/modified stems or changes to the original mix, this will be billed as a new master or at the hourly rate.

3)  Any additional versions required not booked at the time of the original session will be charged as a new master.

4)  Minimum booking one hour.

5)  Additional versions (instrumental, acapella etc.) FREE if during the same session with the same settings.

6)  It is recommended that you provide reference tracks and notes as to what you are looking for before your session!


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